Call for Mail Art: Your Doctor Mail-Art-ified!

What's Your view on your Doctor?

Is he/she a good help to you and do you feel blessed by having this good health care giver? Or are you afraid, angry, bored and/or distrusting whenever you visit your doctor?

Or is he/she invisible to you as until now you didn't need medical care at all?

For this online exhibition I'm looking for mail art which shows your opinion about your doctor. A portrait, a situation, certain objects or whatever, as long as it shows your thoughts and/or feelings about him/her.

All 2D media by snail mail are welcomed, minimum postcard size (10x15 cms), maximum A4 (20x30 cms).

No jury, no fee, no return. All entries about doctors will be published here.

woensdag 19 mei 2010

Ria Vanden Eynde



These excellent paintings were sent by Ria from Belgium.
I think they speak so much for themselves, no more words needed.

On her weblog Painting2Cancers you can find more work which Ria has been painting after two cancers, thyroid and breast (which have been diagnosed 5 resp. 4.5 years ago). Be sure to take a look!
The Dutch weblog is Beelden van 2 kankers.

I'd like to ask your attention for her very interesting mail art call about "Women artists changing bodies": The Body - Nothing Else.

Thanks a lot, hartelijk dank, Ria, voor deze treffende werken!

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