Call for Mail Art: Your Doctor Mail-Art-ified!

What's Your view on your Doctor?

Is he/she a good help to you and do you feel blessed by having this good health care giver? Or are you afraid, angry, bored and/or distrusting whenever you visit your doctor?

Or is he/she invisible to you as until now you didn't need medical care at all?

For this online exhibition I'm looking for mail art which shows your opinion about your doctor. A portrait, a situation, certain objects or whatever, as long as it shows your thoughts and/or feelings about him/her.

All 2D media by snail mail are welcomed, minimum postcard size (10x15 cms), maximum A4 (20x30 cms).

No jury, no fee, no return. All entries about doctors will be published here.

zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

Guido Vermeulen (2)

'The doctor's appointment
or in the waiting room of disbelief.'

Again a beautiful, colourful Friour approved ('Friour' hidden-by-Post), envelope by Guido Vermeulen from Belgium.

In the accompanying letter Guido explains that the picture rather is a self portrait - with fear and disbelief - than a portrait of the attending doctor.
With this knowledge, I must confess that the image and accompanying letter cause certain feelings of despair to me.
Doctor's waiting rooms and appointments are places and situations which better can be avoided, but sometimes it simply isn't possible to do so. A reality of the present days (and sleepless nights).
Wishing you good luck, veel sterkte met alles en ik duim voor je dat er snel een goede oplossing komt!

Thank you - dank voor deze mooie bijdrage!

Don't forget to send entries to Guido for his project / call for mail art: All that Jazz!

zondag 5 september 2010

YDiMA part of exposition 3: more doctors, in life art!

KNO-arts = otorhinolaryngologist = ear-nose-and-throat doctor.
Thanks a lot, dankjewel, Sander!

'Vrouwtje dokter', female doctor, spontaneously flown from the hand of Bep, thank you, veel dank, Bep!

'Mi médico de cabecera. La vela siempre le acompaña.'
Muchas gracias por este dibujo, Solly!

An unknown artist made this picture of a recognizable scene in the doctor's room. Not that happy Waiting for the syringe to come...
Thank you, Anonymous!

Doctor Who, who does remember this one?!
Thank you, veel dank, Hans!

Inspired by the Real Weird / Existing Odd Animals project, Sofía made this Doctor Lama. Muchas gracias, dankjewel, Sofía!

Inspired by both OneMillionGiraffes and the Existing Odd Animals project, Armin made this Doctor Pablo giraffe.
Dankjewel, Armin!

YDiMA part of exposition 2: Impression

As mentioned before, the mail art work received before August now is part of an exposition. The location is a company's dining (lunch) room in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and the works will be there until half of October 2010.

A selection of the works received later, in August, I attached to a canvas, too: see the smaller one (50x100 cms), above in the middle.

Alas it wasn't possible to hang it next to the other canvases, so it has a bit more 'uncommon' position (afterwards I've hanged the canvas a bit higher - see the picture on top - I hope it still will be there!..).
Though I think that 'uncommon places' also has to do with what mail art is about?!?...

Here a few pictures of a few visitors visiting the exposition last wednesday.
I invited all visitors to draw a doctor, too, and fortunately some of them indeed did. These drawings I'll post in the next message.

The 'work' in the middle contains some explanation about Mail Art, as I noticed that most people never have heard of this dear kind of art.

Also here, below, some more explanation to the visitors about mail art. Maybe some of you recognize the envelope which was sent to me from the headquarter of Andy's Real Wall. (And yes, Andy, I still owe you two pimped photos! They'll come your way one day!)

Finally a running-away-screaming (overworked?) doctor I made many years ago.

donderdag 2 september 2010

Guido Vermeulen

'Life is fun despite illness and death'

Guido Vermeulen sent a large (Friour approved!) envelope-with-contents which indeed was puzzling to me. Part of his mail art fits in both the Weird Animal project and this Your Doctor in Mail Art project. So, what to choose?
At least the picture above belongs here, with the history of disease pictured as a touching reality. And fortunately on the back side of this piece of mail art Guido wrote the hopeful message that life is fun, despite the negative things life also brings to us.

The more 'Weird Animal' painting you can find on But this one - which is part of the painting - suits here, by the accompanying poem: 'The animals of our dreams don't need doctors'. (Click on the picture to enlarge, and in case you don't read Dutch, use this - already filled out - online translator)

Thank you, hartelijk dank, Guido!

Please note Guido's Network site: and his personal blog:

And send mail art in answer to his interesting call for entries (isn't music curing, too?!?):

maandag 30 augustus 2010

Olívia Niemeyer Santos

A real fine art collage Olívia Niemeyer sent from Brazil.

More information about and more (also larger) work by Olívia Niemeyer you can find on her website.

Please note the call for mail art (click to enlarge):

The website of Grupo Antropoantro:

Muito obrigada, Olívia!

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Pais Garcia

" Doctor ... "

This frightening scene has been sent from Portugal by Pais Garcia.
Computers and internet aren't able to pass on everything through: the yellow paint smells after iodine tincture!

Muito obrigado, Pais!

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

Petra Dzierzon

From Germany Petra Dzierzon sent this colourful fibre-tip pen drawing titled 'My doctor is my doctor'.
In real the drawing is even more interesting, as the silver lines (and silver doctor's hair) change colour: depending on the illumination angle from bright lighter-than-white to dark gray.

Vielen Dank, Petra!


A vividly represented memory Amuldo sent from the Netherlands.

"Never diseased
and then awake
at the intensive care ward
while the doctors' eyes are fixed upon you.
(a recollection)"

Note the brick wall artistamp: 'Leven' means 'life' and 'to live'.

Thanks a lot, hartelijk dank, Amuldo (I hope you recovered well?)!

Amuldo has started an interesting mail art project: 'project 55'. See for more information this website.

woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Alexander King

Alexander King sent this unmistakable conversation with Dr. Jones to me from England.

Thanks a lot, Alexander!


After the Doctor at work, the Doctor in action against viruses, it's time to take a closer look to the Doctor in search.
Who has a great and funny eye. Which in real is even more beautiful and obvious than this 2D image!
Thank you very much, herzlichen Dank, muchas gracias, Patrizia!

More mail art from TicTac you can find on the tac-tictac website, and amazing photography is showed on tictac-tictac.
Still you can send her messages in a bottle!

maandag 9 augustus 2010

Miranda Vissers

Miranda Vissers sent this great mixed-media "Art.s" within the Netherlands.

With apt stamps on the envelop.

For not-Dutch-speaking persons it might be interesting to know: the Dutch word 'arts' means 'medical doctor', while the Dutch word for 'art' is 'kunst'.
So in fact the Dutch 'arts' has nothing to do with Art!
Although the former word for medicine is 'geneeskunst', which literally means 'the art of healing'. Nowadays it's called 'geneeskunde', which means 'the knowledge about healing'!..

More work by Miranda you can see here.
And she has an interesting call for mail art: Collecting.

Thanks a lot, hartelijk dank, Miranda!
(Je zult t.z.t. mijn bijdrage voor het 'Collecting' project tegemoet zien, een boeiend onderwerp!)

Update on August 17th, 2010:
Miranda Vissers also has made an interesting series about Anatomy named 'Gray's Anatomy and Beyond': ceramics (click on this link to see some pieces) and collage art:

Miranda, wederom bedankt, en ik schrijf je (per post!).

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

YDiMA part of exposition

As mentioned in the very first call for mail art, a selection of the received artwork to Your Doctor in Mail Art will be showed in the Netherlands, in the city Utrecht, as part of an exposition.

In contrary to the message of March 20th, this exposition has been brought forward some months, and is opened already now: from August until half of October 2010, at weekdays at working hours.

For people who are interested to see, please contact me (heleen21artmail at yahoo dot com) for further details.

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Giovanni & Renata StraDA DA Ravenna

Grazie mille, Giovanni & Renata!


vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Ryosuke Cohen

This Brain Cell Life Form was sent by Ryosuke Cohen from Japan.
I'm not sure if this large mail art work is meant for the Your Doctor in Mail Art project, but brain cells have something to do with both body and mind, so these important parts of us might be confronted with some physician or psychician one day.

Learn more about the Brain Cell mail art project on this website. For more information about the artist see the website of Ryosuke Cohen.
Ryosuke Cohen has started a new project, Orion Soup, about the beginning and the end of the space. You can put your idea about it on his bulletin board.

Arigato, Ryosuke!

donderdag 22 juli 2010


Doctor in action against viruses

They are everywhere, even threatening the art stamp, logo and the envelop!...

Danke schön, Patrizia! With this funny images these dangerous animals seem rather cute and 'bearable'...

Serse Luigetti

Sent by Serse Luigetti from Italy. Grazie mille!

Serse also sent some postcards, among them this 'Constellation', made in 1984.

More visual poetry by Serse Luigetti you can find on this website. And note his exhibition in the Mobile Online Museum of Contemporary Art.

donderdag 15 juli 2010

Keith A. Buchholz

A young doctor and his small patient sent by Keith A. Buchholz from the U.S.A.

More about Keith Buchholz and Fluxus on his website and Fluxus St. Louis.
Great 3D art work you can find in the FluxMuseum.

Thanks a lot for your entry, Keith!

zondag 4 juli 2010


Doctor At Work

This great 'Doctor at work' collage, covered by a real TicTac mail art envelop, has been sent by PC(TicTac) from Germany.

More art by multitalent TicTac you can find on her websites, among them Clicks and Mail Art.
Don't forget to send her a message in a bottle!

Vielen Dank, muchas gracias, Patrizia!